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Adwords  B2C Campaign

Adwords B2C Campaign

A successful PPC campaign which generated an income of £10k per month and delivered an ROMI of £8k per month over a 12 month period.


The aim:

The company wanted to trial selling doors directly to consumers via an ecommerce website. Therefore we developed a new website which allowed customers to design and order their front door online.  It was an unknown brand and we had limited budget.

Key Marketing activity:

  • Ecommerce website development

  • Brand development

  • PPC Campaign to drive traffic and sales - working with a PPC agency

  • Email marketing - to signed up users to encourage sales

The results

  • Sales of 15 doors a month = 10k average in total per month, average door sold for £1500

  • Average CPC: £1 and £3

  • Average CTR; 1 – 6%

  • Average position: 1 – 4

  • Media costs: £2k per month

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