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Helping you to navigate the vast digital marketing landscape to create campaigns and brands that engage.

I'm Sarah-Jayne, a Senior Digital Marketing expert with 20 years of experience in Marketing. I run a friendly, creative digital marketing agency that has been helping brands like yours for over 10 years. The whole team at Sarah-Jayne are extremely results and customer-focused – with all activity aimed at adding value to you, your business and your customers.

Who do we work with?

Due to my vast experience and my skilled team, we work successfully with brands of all sizes, from consultants and small businesses to ambitious start-ups and well-established brands. Depending on the resource required, I either work with you fully myself or bring in my team of experts.  I can be a part of your existing marketing team, or be your one and only Senior Digital Marketing Expert, on hand whenever you need me.

What digital marketing solutions do I offer; 

  • Digital marketing strategy & planning - navigating the digital marketing landscape to create a plan to match your goals

  • Martech & automation - scoping out your digital footprint, and helping you to maximise your use of Martech

  • Brand development - visual and voice, we create brands that connect and engage with their customers

  • Content marketing - creating influential and interesting content that drives website visitors, conversions, SEO and engagement

  • Digital marketing campaigns - from creation to delivery, across multiple channels

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM/SEO) - using ethical, Organic Search and Paid Search techniques we help your website to be seen by your customers when they are ready

  • PPC/Online advertising  - maximising your budget to get your more converting ads across Google Adwords and Social Media

  • Social media - as well as creating and sharing great content, we engage with and look for new followers

  • Influencer marketing - find and manage your influencer programmes

  • Websites - beautiful websites on Wix and WordPress, based on solid UX, SEO and ROI goals

  • ROI Reporting & measurement - managing big marketing data to report on ROI, KPIs and where improvements can be made

At Sarah-Jayne, we have a great passion for digital marketing and technology and are always looking for ways in which technology can you maximise your ROI and grow your brand.  Having worked with people from over 30 countries, built hands-on experience across the whole marketing mix and working confidently at all levels in a business - we will always go the extra mile for you and believe in delivering the results which you and your business desire.

We want to hear from you, so get in touch for an informal chat.

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