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Helping you to climb the search engines, increase your online presence and reach your target audience.

Sarah-Jayne is an SEO Consultant in North London who helps brands like yours achieve results via ethical and sustainable Search Engine Marketing.  Along with a team of SEO experts, when required, Sarah-Jayne works closely with you and your brand to use Paid and Organic SEO techniques to get your website seen. Whether you need an SEO freelancer or a whole SEO team, we can scale up, or down to match your business needs.

What is SEM?


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a digital marketing activity that focuses on driving traffic to your website from search engines such as Google and Bing. It emcompasses Paid and Organic Search, SEO. SEM aims to improve your position in search engines via activity such as on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, technical seo, local seo, paid seo (like Google Ads) and international seo.


REMEMBER: The higher you are in search engines, the higher the chance of reaching your target audience.

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happy customers finding your website online, just when they needed you

Why choose us as your SEO partner?

Sarah-Jayne is a senior-level Digital Marketing & SEO consultant offering high-quality, tried and tested SEO services that will help your business grow its presence online. Sarah and her team can be your only SEO team or they can support your already talented digital marketing team. Whatever you need, we can support you.


We have Organic SEO experts, Paid Search experts, content creators, excellent SEO copywriters, technical SEO experts and web developers all on hand to support your business as and when you need it. We can scale up, or down to match your business needs.


Not only are we experts in SEO, but we care about your business and we want to deliver results. We work closely with you to understand your business, your customers, your market and the language used in your space. 


We use ethical and sustainable SEO techniques aimed at delivering long term results.


Due to Sarah-Jaynes experience, we take an integrated approach to SEO – making sure that we consider how we can maximise your SEO efforts across the whole marketing mix.

How we work with you


SEO includes a whole bunch of activities, but the 4 key pillars are keywords, content, technical and off-site and backlinks. We stick with these 4 pillars and deliver our SEO services to you in the following way.


  1. UNDERSTAND – First, we learn about your business, customers, industry, challenges, and set goals for your SEO.

  2. REVIEW – We carry out a complete SEO Audit of your website and online presence. We also offer an optional ‘Competitor Analysis’ if you want to see what your competitors are up to.

  3. STRATEGY - Using the audit we create an integrated SEM strategy consisting of organic and paid activities.

  4. GET TO WORK - Folloing the strategy we create the plan and begin work. Covering the following areas;

  • Organic & Paid – Ensuring integration and harmonisation.

  • Technical SEO – Improvements to your website to aid SEO.

  • Keywords – Identify keywords to target.

  • On-site SEO – Apply keywords to your website, internal linking, structure and UX.

  • Off-site SEO & Backlinks – Improving your website authority with quality and relevant backlinks and mentions.

  • Content Marketing – Engaging & relevant content that aids SEO AND hits brand awareness and sales targets.

  • Analytics & Reporting – ongoing reviewing and reporting to continuously maximise your SEO investment.

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Our SEM experts, your partners

Sarah-Jayne Whitworth is an SEO consultant and expert with over 10 years of hands-on SEO experience from SEO strategy and keyword research to copywriting and link building. Helping brands get seen online in front of the right customers, at the right time. Sarah is supported by a wonderful team if required, Sam our storyteller and Dave our website developer and SEO expert. 

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Your SEO expert, on-hand to get your website seen online. I carry out all SEM activities from strategy to implementation. 



Sam loves to write and you can feel the energy in her distinctively human copy. She will ensure that your content engages your audience whilst also hitting your SEO goals.



Dave is our Technical expert, deciphering the complex technical reports to suggest technical improvements to your website that will increase your online visibility and onsite UX.

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