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Evolution Health & Fitness repositions brand and gains two new corporate clients quickly

Evolution Health & Fitness offer corporate wellness app and use branding, social media and content marketing services from sarah-jayne creative

Owned by Karen and Andy Letham, Evolution Health & Fitness is a brand with a mission, "To offer a personal, holistic service empowering people to achieve their fitness potential, and live a healthy lifestyle free from injury." They evolved from in-person classes to online classes, to an App, and now they successfully expand into the Corporate Employee fitness and well-being space. They came to Sarah-Jayne Creative for support on Brand Development, Content & Social Media Marketing Strategy & Corporate Sales Material.

Sarah has been great to work with and really helped us move our business forward. We came to her with a need to expand our Corporate Fitness offer, specifically using our digital channels. We had two workshops with Sarah, one covering our website and one for social media – both of which were extremely valuable, well run and delivered real outputs. We particularly liked that our collaboration with Sarah was a two way process, with her offering new ideas and insights, whilst genuinely listening to the things we felt were important. Sarah offered flexibility in terms of what we wanted to prioritise for our business. After both workshops we were able to action Sarah’s suggestions and within a short while we signed up two new corporate clients! We are really happy with the foundations that Sarah helped us to put in place and we look forward to working together again in the future." Karen & Andy, Owners, Evolution Health & Fitness

One2one to One2many

In 2018, they took the brand online and instantly saw the potential of the online fitness space and proceeded to develop a fitness and well-being app. By January 2019 they launched the app along with a ‘6 Week Online Body Transformation Programme’ - it was an instant hit. Users of all ages with different goals and motivations signed up and carried out the 6 week programme. Upon completion the feedback from users was fantastic, and they knew they had something here. They needed to take it to the masses to fulfil the company's mission. They wanted to move to Corporate Employee fitness & well-being, and they had the tools to do it.

"We had high expectations at the outset, but week after week, the results we saw were overwhelming and at the end of the programme the feedback we received was better than we could have asked for." Karen Letham, Owner.

New target customers, new brand positioning

The next step for them was to reach the right clients with the right message. They had researched the market and also had one potential new client via word of mouth - so they knew they could do this. They just needed some help in getting the marketing and the message right. This is when they contacted Sarah-Jayne Creative, having heard about us from a friend who had worked with us before.

Karen and Andy came to us with a clear need to re-position the message, update the website and create a corporate package which they could send out to prospective clients. They also needed to understand more about how they could leverage content marketing and social media to reach both the company and the employees, whilst not alienating their personal clients.

Messaging to multiple stakeholders

The message to corporate clients had to ensure it answered the questions for all stakeholders - you are not just talking to one single person anymore. So we devised a clear mission and then split off key factors that each stakeholder would need to know or want to gain from the fitness & wellbeing programme. The company want happy and healthy employees, something to offer as a perk for working at their company and of course they hope this positively impacts the bottom line of their business. The employees need to want to join the programme in order for the company to gain those benefits.

Creating effective sales material

Taking the message we then created a corporate brochure and supporting website landing page. Karen and Andy proceeded to use these marketing tools to entice and bring on board two new corporate clients within a short space of time! Success was achieved!

Strategic content and social media marketing

The next step was to establish the 'what, how, where, when and why' of creating and sharing content online. By this, we mean everything; blogs, videos, content for the app, stories, reels, feed posts, live sessions etc. They want to create and post content that appeals to their audience, achieves engagement and supports their business growth goals. The struggle they had was making this work for all of their audiences, corporate clients, employees and individuals. They needed help on prioritising what content to create, as they had so many ways they could take it, and they wanted to ensure the content they did create, didn't alienate anyone.

During the social media and content workshop we explored how it all fits together, their goals, audience needs, types of content, themes and how they can create a plan which ensures they can easily a) prioritise content b) maximise content by repurposing and c) ensure the right content is pushed to the right channels.

Results...Two new corporate clients gained

Overall we developed the Evolution Health & Fitness brand to appeal to the corporate customer via professional new messaging, a new focused website landing page, a corporate sales brochure and a content and social media strategy. Leading to the business securing two new corporate clients within a short space of launching. View the Corporate Wellbeing & Fitness Offer from Evolution Health & Fitness.

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