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The start of my journey...

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Sarah-Jayne Whitworth, Director Sarah-Jayne Creative in Leamington Spa

Well, today was the start of a very special journey for me. It's something that I have felt coming over the past year. I have felt a personal shift in my thoughts, my feelings and generally felt like I have been searching for something. Something more, something bigger and something which was in my destiny. Very 'spiritual' I know, but it's true. Something was coming...

I was right, it came, one of those significant days which shifts your current situation and forces you to move down another path. It was the 31st May and I was told my job was at risk and my options were take another role OR take redundancy. I chose to hold that thought, and think carefully on this whilst I went on holiday to Mexico for two weeks.

So, with the help of 40 degrees heat, various cocktails and the sound of the Caribbean sea waves, I contemplated my options. It was tough, I'm sure you can imagine. Joking aside, it was a tense, stressful but exciting time . I looked at the job market, local jobs, big jobs, smaller jobs and also thought deeply about taking the leap and starting my own business.

Two paths, the 'in my comfort zone' one or the 'oh fudge, leap of faith one'.

So, after two weeks of sun, Mayan ruins, cocktails, yoga on the beach and eating more than my body would need in one year, I came back to work and made my decision. I was going to take redundancy and begin taking steps on my new path to form a new creative Marketing Agency in Leamington Spa.

On the 1st October 2016 - the doors of Sarah-Jayne Creative, a Digital Marketing agency opened, and it felt very, very good.

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