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Sarah-Jayne Whitworth

Lead Creator and Director
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With 20 years experience of working in Marketing, I have worked with over 60 brands to help them achieve their creative digital marketing goals. As Director and Lead Creator at Sarah-Jayne Creative, I can help you to develop and deliver your Digital Marketing Strategy & Creative Communications. I work holistically, which means that everything I deliver is based on a sound understanding of your goals, opportunities and how the whole creative digital marketing mix can support them.

Outside of work, you can find me on the yoga mat, at the gym, eating fine food, painting a masterpiece or at a music festival.

⚡️ Results-focused ⚡️ People-focused ⚡️ Lifelong Learner 

My core skills:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Branding & Brand Strategy

  • SEO Strategy & Implementation

  • Content Marketing

  • Branding, Graphic Design & Communications

  • Brand Voice, Messaging & Storytelling

  • Copywriting

  • Google & Bing PPC Advertising

  • Social Media Advertising


Take a look on LinkedIn  to see what people say about working with me.

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