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Sarah-Jayne Whitworth

Lead Creator and Director


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Thank you for taking the time to read through our website.   The story of 'Sarah-Jayne Creative' began in 2014 when I started doing work for friends and family as a side hustle, making it official in 2016 by starting my own digital marketing agency. I put my driven, committed and creative nature to use and began helping small and medium-sized businesses to reach and exceed their marketing ambitions. The rest, as they say, is history... take a look at Sarah-Jayne Creative's Marketing Services offer here, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

My experience

Working with a B2B Construction and Manufacturing company we managed nine acquisitions over two years. Bringing together multiple companies to create 3 new brands. The Group had an annual turnover of £48 million, £10 million profit and the marketing budget was £250k (0.52 % of sales).

  • Brand management - Transforming nine brands into three new market-leading and attractive brands in a short space of time and often in tangent. OUTCOME: Four market-leading brands.

  • Event creative & management – A high profile launch event delivered in four months – Highlights were; celebrity host, art competition and exhibition, limited edition print, corporate video, new website, email campaign, event filming and photography, pr and targeted sales activity. OUTCOME: Successful multi-faceted company launch which delivered leads and strengthened strained relationships.

  • Website development & project management – Leading on the development and launching four new websites in two years. OUTCOME: Uplift of enquiries, website engagement & brand positioning.

  • Content marketing – Developing monthly content such as videos, articles, and case studies that supported the customer journey and various stages of the decision making process.

  • Digital campaign management and delivery – Delivering monthly targeted digital campaigns that deliver on lead generation and engagement KPIs.

  • Lead generation – Delivering good quality leads via websites, email, social, events on a monthly basis.

  • Email marketing – Delivering monthly email newsletters for all three brands – increasing brand awareness, customer & website engagement OUTCOME: KPIs improve month on month.

  • Team building - Creating and maintaining a strong, happy and effective marketing team. 

  • Social media management – Creating fresh posts each week, connecting with key targets such as customers, partners and industry thought leaders. 

  • CRM Project and management – I play a key role in CRM, ensuring it is being used effectively, delivering the right information for business decisions, supporting the sales pipeline and improving customer care.

  • Budget management, KPI measurement, General measuring and monitoring


Global website and digital marketing projects

Over many years I worked with different brands to deliver...


  • Global web project - Project leader in the implementation of a new CMS website platform (Sitecore) which included web project management, working with a web agency and key senior stakeholders in the group.

  • Earth Day Campaign - A campaign to promote 'Earth Day' which consisted of communications via our websites, social spaces, local press and onsite promotion - which encouraged the communities around the world to visit one of our recycling facilities on one specific day to support global 'Earth Day'.  We held 25 events in the UK, Europe and the US and collected 472,985 pounds of electronic waste.

  • Webinars – Delivered a webinar programme which achieved lead generation and ‘Thought Leadership’ status in some of our key areas, hitting brands such as Coca-cola and Kraft foods.

  • Bringing digital to the forefront of the business by working closely with head office in London – Using my skills and beliefs to push digital and encourage a more strategic view to be taken, which led to a more effective roll-out of our online activities globally. 

  • Global website project - Project leader in the implementation of a new CMS website platform (Tridion) which included web project management working alongside a consultant, web agency and senior stakeholders in the group – Delivering over 30 consistently branded, local language websites along with trained web managers in each country.

  • Global website training – Leading on and delivering five training workshops, in 5 countries to over 40 people coming from 30 different countries – the results were buy-in, great relationships and an effective roll-out of online strategies using our newly formed ‘online community’ within LRQA.

  • Online brand development – Initiated and created a ‘brand’ website for internal and supplier use leading to more consistent use of our brand globally.

  • Client work - I worked directly with clients to create case studies in audio podcasts, printed and online material – further helping to build trust and credibility.


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