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Omnis Launch Event - London
Omnis Launch Event - London
Omnis Launch Event - London
Omnis Launch Event - London
Omnis Launch Event - London
Omnis Brochure Design
Omnis Launch Event - London
Omnis Launch Event - London
Omnis Launch Event - London
Winner of the sculpture competition,
Omnis Launch Event - London

The Omnis launch

A successful, creative and multi-faceted company launch for Omnis which was delivered in four months and resulted in quality leads and strengthened customer and supplier relationships.

The aim:


With a budget of £120k we needed to create and launch a new brand which would alleviate past perceptions of the old brands, build new relationships and position the brand as a fresh, creative, forward thinking company.


Key Marketing Services:


  • Branding development

  • Website design, development and content

  • Corporate video

  • Company brochure 

  • Re-brand of all literature and sales tools

  • Event management and creative

  • Launch event in London with Kate Abdo our celebrity host, art competition (with and exhibition, partnership with a charity (Shelter), limited edition print along with a 'omnis box' for guests

  • Targeted email marketing campaign pre and post launch event

  • Event filming and photography which was used in post event pr and social media activity

  • Targeted sales activity

Launch coverage video

The results

We targeted over 1000 key decision makers in the industry of which 200 attended the launch event, aprox 50 leads were gained. Total ROI is to be confirmed but projects range from £15k - £5 million.


Guest feedback included words such as; creative, different, sleek, professional and innovative.

Key Marketing Stats:


  • Website traffic increased from 0 to over 2k hits per month with great engagement stats, averaging 434 ‘goals’ per month

  • PRE EVENT  Email - Open rate (OR) 20-30% - Over 1000 emailed – Click through rate (CTR) 20% 

  • POST EVENT Email - OR 50 - 60% – CTR 20%

  • POST EVENT Email to attendees - 60% OR and 58% CTR

  • Email traffic to website: 3% (524 visits) of overall web traffic, average of 4 pages viewed per visit, 39% bouncerate, average time on site 4 mins, 6.11% goal conversion rate

  • Webstats: 99% increase in web user visits between May (1082) and August 2015 (2150)

  • Webstats: 74% increase in page views visits between May (6000) and August 2015 (10,687) 

  • PR Free placements print: 6 publications: 78k reach in total 

  • PR Free placements Email/online: 41k reach in total

  • Videos – continue to increase each month by between 20 and 50% of views – currently at around 3k views on our best video. 

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