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B2b Sales Campaign

B2b sales campaign


A successful b2b marketing campaign for Britdoors Group which delivered 12 new (6 returning/6 new) customers and a potential of £244k new annual revenue.

The aim:

To increase our retail sales and encourage the use our new online ordering system. To achieve this we carried out an integrated and targeted campaign.

Key Marketing activity:


  • Targeting hand-picked contacts (1000) of which were prospects and previous customers

  • Targeted email campaigns

  • Personalised customer material

  • An attractive promotion for offline and online sales

  • Telesales support to follow up all hot prospects

  • Personalised consumer flyers to help our retailers sell

The results

Twelve new customers & a potential 455k per year - fantastic targeted and integrated campaign which delivered 12 new retail customers – this is more new customers the business had acquired in a month within the last year, if not longer.  

Email Marketing example for Doors

Projected income:

(a)    Actual revenue generated: £20k 
(b)    Potential Revenue = £455k per year from 12 new/returning customers. 
(c)    Marketing ROI = Direct £16k, Potential £410k  (Cost: Direct £2, People costs initial : 2k aprox, ongoing 6k aprox)


Online Ordering usage increased by 135 - 140% - We had a 135% increase in signed up users and a 140% increase in customer ordering online (23 - 54 signed up users, 5 - 12 customers ordering). 


Online Sales increased by 21% - February saw £17k worth of sales, a massive 21% increase already on our best month so far which was December 2015 which brought in 14k.

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